About Us

For a number of years, core members have traveled the world connecting with different cultures through music. After producing events called “Concerts for Peace” in conjunction with the United Nations World Peace Day, we decided to morph into a collective of musicians that now spreads the intention and execution of these peace day concerts.

Work With Us

Based out of Madison Wisconsin, and performing year-round, we love working in conjunction with other music groups and organizations, and  raising money for caregiving organizations in our community. Contact us for booking inquiries.

Support our Mission

Our mission is to spread light and sense of community through music. We accept collaborative infrastructure, organizational, and financial support.

Durango Mc Murphy is a psychedelic ranger who is a prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist as well as an event producer and radio host.

Cam Kennedy is a world-traveling Australian Psychotherapist, Public Speaker, Documentarian, Author Concert Producer and Musician based out of Madison Wisconsin.

Ellie, is a world-traveler, musical theater actress, concert pianist, choir director, and musician, has a huge heart and a beautiful tone. Currently, Ellie is profoundly disabled by Lyme disease, but still has her voice and indomitable spirit.

Beth Kiser is an amazing cellist and teacher, who has overcome tremendous physical challenges and uses music as her muse.

Lisa Johnson, a master horticulturist by trade.

Dave Bush, engineer, sweet guy, great drummer.

Matt Olsen is a multinstrumentalst and whizz at breakfast food.


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